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Brow Alert is an add-on system designed to deter an operator
from manually driving a vehicle past the brow line of a stope.  


The system functions by means of two RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags that sense when the vehicle passes a certain checkpoint. When the module on the vehicle passes by one of the RFID tags, the Brow Alert system is triggered.

Reduces risks of workplace injuries/deaths
Enforces safe practice of running machines remotely in perilous areas
Encourages accountability
Relies on secure RFID tags

How it works

The System has two zones – the yellow zone and the red zone.

In the yellow zone, the operator is alerted that it is time to exit the vehicle and begin remote control operation and the amber strobe light is activated.

In the red zone, if the vehicle is being operated manually, the red strobe light is activated and the vehicle shuts down completely. Once the vehicle has been locked in the red zone only a supervisor with a supervisor tag can unlock the machine.

When the vehicle enters the red zone and the manual/remote switch is in the remote position, the Brow Alert system is deactivated.